Wednesday, June 15, 2011

summer practicing....

We're settling into a pretty good rhythm with our summer violin practicing. E is thriving with a detailed practice chart, she loves not having to ask me about every little thing she's supposed to be doing. It helps her be more self-directed, which I enjoy as well. Sometimes I try to sit in on practice time just to listen, which then becomes knitting time for me......a win-win situation. :) About once a week we collaborate for a lesson and plan a new practice chart the upcoming week.

We don't have a specific time each day for practicing, but the kids know it's one of their jobs, so when other opportunities arise throughout the day, I just remind them that they'll still need to find time to do their jobs. (Their other job is cleaning out the guinea pig cage!)

Obviously mornings are the best time to get it done, that way the day is open and they're free to play and have friends over. But we seem to still be able to fit it in later in the day, especially on these afternoons that have been getting hot. Practice time is the perfect opportunity to sit inside with the air-conditioner on!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Big 5!

We celebrated this weekend with a super awesome pirate party for our favorite little five year old! He was thrilled, and had so much fun decorating and planning and helping with everything, and of course waiting with anticipation all day long for everyone to come!

Here he is giving his very best ARRRRGH!

We had lots of family and friends, a perfect evening, hotdogs and brats on the grill, and even a little hula hooping show! ;)

Lots of posing like pirates of course!

And of course I was a happy mama when he was so excited about the pillow case I sewed him! Who doesn't love it when a 5 year old gets soooo excited about a mama-made gift!

We even had scary sister-pirates!

Thanks to all who were here and had fun with us! And especially, thanks to my sweet baby boy (not so baby anymore) who loves life and adventure and imagination. I can't imagine my life without him, he's such a great kid, and so entertaining to talk to. I love his enthusiasm for everything he does!