Monday, November 7, 2011

accidental gardening....

I love to read books about gardening, it makes me feel like I'm doing a lot more than I'm actually doing.  But I have to admit, I haven't learned nearly as much from these gardening books as I have actually growing things in real life!  It's like the plants sort of explain themselves to me step by step so I understand a little more each year how to do things.  This year it was a lucky accident that we were able to harvest seeds to grow more green beans next year.  We loved eating our green beans, and we ate them daily for a few weeks in the middle of the summer.  But then they slowed down and grew big and fat, and not as delicious, and at the same time the crook-neck squash starting taking over the bean patch and we weren't able to get at them anymore.  

A few weeks ago when we cleared out the dead squash vines, we happened upon these lovely brown pods.  It was our delicious green beans, ready for us to save their seeds and grow more next year.  Luckily I planted heirlooms so hopefully our crop turns out similar in the second season. 
 The kids were as excited as me, if not more so.  It was like a little miracle to us, that each of these black seeds will grow a new plant full of new beans which we'll be able to eat and then save again for the next year.  The pods were so satisfying to break open, and the seeds inside so shiny and smooth.
  It made for a great movie night activity.....everything's better with a little Harry Potter!  And if you want to know how frugal this was.....I paid $1.50 for my little 18 gram envelope of heirloom seeds, we ate green beans for quite a few weeks in the summer (at least every other night), and we harvest 100 grams of dried seed for next year.  I love the math behind it all, and the possibility of exponential growth over the years! 


Janice Walburger said...

How fun! Just a note to tell you, that I was talking to Lindsey tonight. Mar and her are moving to a place about 5 houses away from where you used to live. How cool is that! The house is empty and so they can move as soon as they get the utilities changed over. If you need a place to stay while here when you go up that way, they should be moved in by then. Love Ya!

Crystal HW said...

Looks like you had extra blessings from your garden this year! Learned new things, seeds for next year....look at you go!

Anonymous said...

I love the whole year I want to get in on some fresh green beans.
Grandma Lynne