Monday, May 23, 2011

riding the dunes!

We had a great trip to Idaho this weekend to ride bikes in the dunes. Who would've thought there were huge sand dunes in Idaho? :) It's like being in the middle of a desert, except louder with bike engines humming all around! Derick's been taking this trip with his family since he was a kid, and it was fun to go again this year and carry on the tradition with our kids (although they're both a little scared and each only took one ride!). It was especially fun to see the grandparents and cousins and play in the sand!
Of course, we have to spend a lot of time checking out the bikes and making sure they're running optimally. And of course improving them a bit so we can be faster than everyone else! (When I say "we," I mean Derick's dad, he's the pro!)
This is my super-cool bike riding man!
And this is his super-cool brother who could practically jump over our heads!
I'd like to say this is me, but no, still the super-cool brother! I really am out there too, just not driving, i got to ride along as a passenger. (And be the camera girl!)
Here we are being super-cool, exept my sis-in-law is cooler than me because she can drive her own bike!
This might be the kids' highlight of the weekend, swimming in the pool! We swam day and night, and day and night! Once again, it was a fabulous trip.....can't wait 'til next year!


Crystal HW said...

Looks like a fun time had by all! Maybe next year we can make it too.

By the way...SWEET CAMERA! I am jealous!!!!

Gilly said...

Looks like fun! The kids are getting so big!

Mandy said...

Glad you took pics because I brought my camera and took I think 2 shots! I enjoyed seeing these.

JWalburger said...

I am glad your were able to come. It was so nice to your family again. Love the pictures!!

Vanessa said...

Oh man that looks like so much fun! It also looks straight out of Napolian Dynamite too! Miss you Megs!