Sunday, May 1, 2011

our pets.

Who would've thought we'd become "guinea pig people," but here we are, snuggling our little pigs each day! After six weeks of living here, they've become welcome little friends. The kids are really good about cleaning out their cage each day. E checks them first thing in the morning, even when us parents sleep in, and makes sure their hay bowl is full and even sometimes gets them a fresh veggie from the fridge. They get so excited when they hear the fridge open, or when they can tell I'm chopping veggies for a salad. They know they get the odds and ends of the lettuce and carrots and whatever else we're eating. Actually, they're great little composters! And man are they getting big! Oreo used to be kind of delicate and thin, and now she's got some little rolls of chub around her, like a good guinea pig should. And Fluffy is all hair! Seriously, somedays I just want to rub some gel in there and style it all funky! (Don't worry, I won't!) We're thinking of getting her a brush one of these days. Did you know they have special brushes for guinea pigs? They do, seriously!

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