Thursday, May 19, 2011

gluten free luncheon...

On Tuesday, a sweet friend from my ward organized a gluten free luncheon for five of us who don't eat gluten. It was so wonderful to sit down to a meal and feel completely comfortable eating everything! The gal who hosted it fixed us yummy breaded chicken with rice and salad, and on the side we brought cornbread, muffins, italian dipping bread, and a gorgeous chocolate layer cake for dessert! We shared recipes and chatted about our favorite gluten free options and what has worked for us over the last few years. We're going to make it a regular get-together....yay!

I wanted to try something new so I made Shauna's whole grain muffin recipe from glutenfreegirl. I've been intrigued by her blog lately because she is measuring all her baking ingredients by weight. It seems like such a fabulous idea for gluten free flours, because then you can mix and match and since they all have different densities, it should come out right in the end. I loved it! It made baking kind of like a science experiment! I put my blender right on the scale and measured out whole buckwheat, brown rice, and almonds, then whirred them all into a fine flour. This might be my new favorite muffin recipe, or rather favorite muffin formula. Baking like this gives so much room for creativity, which I love! I used coconut oil, flaked coconut, and dried cranberries in these muffins and they were delicious!


Gilly said...

Those look SOOOO GOOD! Do nice that you have some gluten free friends. I thought of you today in the local sobeys. They finally added a gluten free section there.

Katie said...

How wonderful! That would be really nice if our church had a gluten free group. Until then I guess we will make do. ;) I have a great blender batter muffin recipe on my blog. I love baking by weight as well. Although very few people like the weighted recipes. Not sure why...I think it's so much easier using grams for the same reasons you stated.
Katie @