Monday, May 30, 2011

garden update....

This is almost my favorite thing growing in the garden right's a volunteer lettuce that popped up early this spring, makes me wish I had planted all of my lettuce when the snow was still on the ground. I know it's probably read to eat, but it's so beautiful and bushy, I can't bear to eat it, yet. Maybe tomorrow! :)

Our neighbors' irises are blooming at the moment and they're gorgeous, the perfect border to our little garden bed.

Their currant bush is growing fruit too, last year they didn't use them at all....hopefuly this year they'll let me pick some!
Flowers are blooming!
And the tomatoes are tolerating our cold spring weather. Hopefully soon it will warm up so they can start to grow a little. But out of 10, none have died, so that's a good thing!
And here's the proud little gardener and his plot of land. He's especially proud of his huge collard greens! They're about ready to be made into a yummy green smoothie!


Crystal HW said...

Glad to see your garden growing!

Melissa said...

our garden is finally moving along too! Yea!! We have not killed it yet! ha ha ha