Monday, May 16, 2011

backyard picnic

We have a backyard, and then a back-backyard. It's a little weird, someone living here previously put a fence halfway through the backyard so they only had to landscape half of the huge lot. But the un-manicured back-backyard makes a great magical forest for children! It's mostly shaded by huge, overgrown trees, and there's no lawn so digging and mud pit making and plant picking is a total free-for-all! I see a lot of buckets of water being carried from the driveway to the back.....G usually comes in covered in mud, at least up to his elbows, and there have been times I've stripped him down and made him sit in the laundry room sink to rinse off before I'll let him in the house!

Today I took the kids some cups of chocolate "ice cream." (It was supposed to be a frozen banana smoothie with cocoa powder, but it turned out thick, so cream!) Once I saw them sitting there in their forest, I had to run in the house for my camera, and they loved that I was spying on them from behind the lilac bush!


kate said...

I definitely think you need to make me some of that ice cream! Let's get out your recipe book and see what the basic idea is for icecream in your awesome blender!

Looks like fun in the backyard there, the perfect place for fairies to live! :)

JWalburger said...

It looks like a lot of fun. I remember the good old days, when my kids were young, having picnics outside. See you soon

Jenny said...

What a fun area to have a picnic. Hey can you send some of that weather here!