Tuesday, May 3, 2011

around the house...

Today I took a quick trip around the house, outside and in, to see what I could see. Our yard is starting to wake up a bit, especially now that the sun has been shining this week. (Unfortunately our grass hasn't woken up! We overseeded a few bare patches 2 weeks ago and nothing's happening yet!) The tulips are out in all their glory, and these pretty little white flowers are right at my front door. Unfortunately I don't know what they are, maybe they're weeds, but I'd love plant them all over my lawn!

The peas are ambitiously looking for a place to climb so we wraped some twine around our sticks yesterday. Hopefully they find it.

We're babying our little sprouts with hopes of big bunches of spinach. They're showing their second leaves now.

The beets are coming up too. I love how when we thin them out, their little teeny roots are bright red!

I've been puting things out on the line in this nice weather, today was kitchen towels. I'm always amazed at how quickly they dry out in the breeze, it almost beats my dryer.

And when I came in after my walk around the house, I found these two, studiously doing their homework. What great kids! And speaking of great, check out my tomato forest growing on the table! Those babies are so excited to get out in the real dirt, I'm crossing my fingers for next week, then the real planting begins!


Rachel Forbush said...

That looks great! Love your plants! Also love your new camera!

JWalburger said...

We are just getting rid of the snow around here. The flowers haven't even thought about coming up yet. It is nice to see the new life of spring at your house. Love your plants! Love Ya

Crystal HW said...

Nice to see someone is having a fun spring.