Friday, April 15, 2011

we've started...

It seems fitting that I would post these pictures of us planting our little garden today because we just found our first sprouts out there this morning. These pictures are two weeks ago when we got our first seeds into the dirt. We did peas, spinach, kale, collards, and beets.....all known for surviving the low temperatures of spring. And it's a good thing too, because as soon as they were in the ground we've had nothing but cold and rain and snow! Today is actually the first day in 2 weeks that we've needed to water.
The kids each claimed their own little garden patch and we sectioned them off into squares as advised in the Square Foot Gardening book, which I highly recommend! It makes gardening seem so do-able! The squares are fun for kids because they can pick and choose what they want each square to be. When these cold weather crops are done we'll just plant something else in the squares. You should see the giant pile of flower seeds we have, I let the kids have free run of the 30 cent seed rack!
The sticks in the back row are "pea sticks!" I love this idea, I found it on this gardening blog. Mine probably won't work quite as well as hers, I didn't use quite as many sticks. But my plan is to wrap the sticks with twine as the peas need places to climb. (Don't you love the kids' little watering cans? :) They're from our sand/bath toys, but they really really wanted to water their gardens with them right away! It took them about 20 trips back and forth to the spigot!)


JWalburger said...

I love your little garden. We have had nothing but cold, snow and more snow. I saw a little patch of green grass this morning, but it has been snowing all day, so the grass is all covered over. We havn't even thought of planing yet. The farmers haven't been able to get on the land. Oh well, I will stop complaining. Love Ya

Charise said...

you are so on the timed it better than I did because I bought some organic fertilizer and Rich roto tilled it all in to our garden patch but I was going to plant the week of Spring Break but we had a funeral up in Idaho and Q's b-day...and then BAD cold wet weather that prevented us from planting. Hopefully this Sat. we can plant! I think I'll plant some collard greens as well! Let me know how youre doing. Oh, Shelley is having an Earth Day party at her house in Woods Cross from 12-1:30 in the afternoon. You and Katie are invited if you want to drive up's about an hour drive so I understand if you can't. We should get together this summer for a BBQ! When our Cherries are ripe, we'll invite you to pick some with us and take a bag home...we have our family reunion in Portland the end of June early July and that's when our Cherries are due to pick so we might need you and other neighbors to come pick before the birds get them! Talk to you soon and have fun with your garden!