Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Brunch....

Okay, I'm back in business here with a brand-spankin'-new camera! And this one I'm quite sure I won't return! I just wasn't happy with the little Sony we bought a few months ago so the day before the last day I could return it, I did. We finally bit the bullet and bought a decent camera.....this one. I'm a total newbie here, so bear with me as I learn to use it. But I'm super duper excited!

We had the family all here for Easter brunch, and had a great time sitting around the kitchen stuffing ourselves with delicious waffles!
And thanks to Grandma Lynne the kiddos all had new Easter attire. The handmade dresses and sweaters were a hit with the girls! Even Felicity the doll got one, but I didn't get her picture yet.

Even my handsome husband paused for a moment for a picture with the new camera!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

She just couldn't get enough of this beautiful statue when we visited Temple Square a few weekends ago. I'm so grateful for such sweet spirited children, and for my Savior.

Friday, April 15, 2011

we've started...

It seems fitting that I would post these pictures of us planting our little garden today because we just found our first sprouts out there this morning. These pictures are two weeks ago when we got our first seeds into the dirt. We did peas, spinach, kale, collards, and beets.....all known for surviving the low temperatures of spring. And it's a good thing too, because as soon as they were in the ground we've had nothing but cold and rain and snow! Today is actually the first day in 2 weeks that we've needed to water.
The kids each claimed their own little garden patch and we sectioned them off into squares as advised in the Square Foot Gardening book, which I highly recommend! It makes gardening seem so do-able! The squares are fun for kids because they can pick and choose what they want each square to be. When these cold weather crops are done we'll just plant something else in the squares. You should see the giant pile of flower seeds we have, I let the kids have free run of the 30 cent seed rack!
The sticks in the back row are "pea sticks!" I love this idea, I found it on this gardening blog. Mine probably won't work quite as well as hers, I didn't use quite as many sticks. But my plan is to wrap the sticks with twine as the peas need places to climb. (Don't you love the kids' little watering cans? :) They're from our sand/bath toys, but they really really wanted to water their gardens with them right away! It took them about 20 trips back and forth to the spigot!)

Sunday, April 3, 2011

our new friends!

Our children's dreams have come true with these two little fuzzballs we've adopted! They've hoped and wished and asked for a pet for awhile now, and the day we went to pick these two little ones out, they couldn't believe we were actually going to bring them home. We hadn't even intended to get guinea pigs but after a bit of research they seemed like a good fit for our family. They're very personable and friendly, and they love to run around and play, but they also can stay in their cage most of the day. They need a bit of free running time every day so we take them into our fairly large bathroom and close the door. They get so happy when they see us with their food or when they're running, they do this funny little hop called "popcorn!" And their little happy squeaks are pretty cute too, they mostly squeak when we come to feed them. Their favorite food is timothy hay, but they also eat little guinea pig pellets and fresh veggies. We give them a new piece of veggie twice a day. And the kids even like cleaning out their cage, their favorite part is scooping out little poops with plastic spoons! E says it's like a treasure hunt! Our pigs are babies so they'll be quite a bit bigger than they are now, almost twice as big by the end of the year. I've decided they're kind of like a cross between a mouse and a cat. Much more fun and cute and cuddly than a mouse, but they live in a cage and not all over my house!
This little golden fluff ball is G's and he named her Fluffy! Very fitting, don't you think? She's bigger than the other, and a bit fluffier! She likes to be held more but sometimes tries to nibble our fingers. It doesn't really hurt!
This little shy girl is E's and she named her Oreo. She tries to run and hide when we pick her up, but once she's being cuddled she makes a cute little purring sound. Doesn't she look like an oreo? :)