Sunday, February 13, 2011

Science Fair...

So my girl was a super science girl this year! She's been wanting to dissect an owl pellet for years, ever since an owl visited her classroom in Kindergarten. We ordered her owl pellets from this website, they have a homeschooling pack with just a few little pellets, and it was only 4 dollars shipped. They arrived in about 2 days, which is great for an excited little second grader! Here she is posing with her pellets!
She just started tearing into them after that. I have to say, she totally did this part all by herself! She was so into it, and kept telling me, "This is so cool, and just a little bit gross!"
This was our scientific set up for more light late into the evening. She didn't want to stop that night to go to bed!
And of course we had to study each little bone with the magnifying glass.
She was constantly calling me into the kitchen to show me cool bones....the skulls were the most exciting! (Yes, I realize that at this point my kitchen table was covered in mouse hair and bones! The things we have to get past all in the name of science. We cleaned, don't worry!) (Oh, and the pellets are sanitized before they're shipped, that made me feel a bit better!)
After taking it them apart, she studied each individual bone and decided what type it was and organized them all on her bone chart. After she counted them out and determined she had about 8 full mouse skeletons, she glued the bones onto paper for a display.
Then the project took a turn toward the art department, and we had lots of fun puting the display together. Thanks to a super cool Aunt Kate who has a Cricut cutter, she made professional looking letters for her title. Sorry, no pictures of using the Cricut machine, but that is seriously a fun toy! Almost makes me wish I was a scrapbooker!
Then she put in many hours of typing and printing and coloring and sorting. She chose all of her favorite pictures and layed them out and enlisted my help in gluing and cutting background papers.
We are so proud of our science girl! Sadly, I didn't take one pictures of her at the actual science fair....what kind of a mother am I? But we have lots of fun memories! Even Aunt Kate came to see it with us, and it was the most beautiful display there! (Also, I heard a lot of "Ew, Gross!" comments coming from the passer-byers, mostly the moms!) I'm so glad she loved doing it though, and there's already been talk of next year's project ideas. And the 4H class she chose this semester is called "Mad Science," so I think I may have a little scientist on my hands!


JWalburger said...

Wow !! That is so amazing and very well done. Great Job!! I can't wait to take my lap-top down and show Grandma.

Gilly said...

Good job E! That is so great. The display looks awesome!

Jenny said...

That is great E!!! The display looks so good. Chloe thinks it is great as well.

kate said...

I love love LOVE this project, so very cool and yes, a little bit gross too! :)