Sunday, February 20, 2011

Saphira is here! (guest blogger)

I would like to introduce my special guest blogger today. My sweet little girl wanted to share her lastest project with you. She typed this up and took the pictures as well. We've had a lot of dragon play around here lately and this was something she dreamed up and just could not rest until she had created it. I only helped a teeny bit, mostly to show her how to do something, and then she ran with it! ~Megan

I have made a dragon since I believe in them. I made a dragon. I named her Saphira. I think she will come alive! But she hasn't yet. But I am not giving up.

I made her almost all by myself. I drew what I thought would be a nice body shape on paper and then I cut it out. Then I pinned it to the fabric and cut around the paper. Then I did the same thing for everything else on her. Then I sewed them together. I had to stuff lots too with bamboo. I stuffed it all down with a chopstick. It was hard, it took me a week I think. I was scared that I would not finish her in time for the 100 Day Pajama Party at school. But I finished her in time. I got to take her and a blanket too. It was fun! ~E


JWalburger said...

E you are so talented. I can't wait to show Grandma your pictures and your blog. Great Job!! Love Grandma

jesieo said...

I wish sapphire could come over and play at our house. Too bad we are so far away! Good work!

Anonymous said...

.....such a great little seamstress. We love it. It's the best way to use your creativity. Think it through, draw it out and then just make it come alive!!!!
Love GLynne and GDoug

Crystal HW said...

Great work, E! I am impressed!!!

That makes the PJs I made for Sam look like nothing.

Keep up the great work, and never let your imagination go!

kryskamp said...

I LOVE love love it E!!!!! I love seeing her in action, especially on the flying device you made for her to train with, love it!

Jenny said...

Wow E great job!! You are going to be a great sewer just like your Mom.