Monday, February 28, 2011

a good week....

Here's a little peak at last week's Bountiful Basket's mostly all gone by now, I did have one of those tiny pears in my smoothy this morning. Yum! The mangos were organic and divine and gone within 20 minutes of me bringing them home!

We've had a good, busy, fun week here. The days flew by so quickly, I didn't even realize I hadn't blogged all week. G's been a bit sick all week so missed preschool and speech class, but not really sick enough that he was in bed all day or anything. E and I have avoided this round of colds (knock on wood!), and we believe it's because of our new secret weapon.....Elderberry Syrup! This stuff is amazing! I know I don't have exact scientific evidence that it's working, but all I know is there have been quite a few days that I've woken up, feeling very sure that my body's finally catching the cold that's been floating around, only to realize later in the day that I'm just fine. And the next day I'm fine too! We bought our dried elderberries from Mountain Rose Herbs, and the one pound bag was so big. I've made two batches so far, and I probably have enough to make 6 more! E and I love the syrup and could drink it by the cup (we only take a few tablespoons a day), but G doesn't really like it. I have to give it to him in a cup of water. He ends up taking less than us because I have to coax it into him, and I seriously think that's contributed to his latest cold. So run out and buy some elderberries and you'll feel like an earthy herbalist, and you'll be healthier too!

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that basket looks amazing!