Friday, February 18, 2011


I was talking food with my sister Kate today and she said, "You should write a blog post about all of these food philosophies!" So here I am, sharing some of my latest food thoughts and ideas. Don't you sometimes feel like there are way too many food philosophies out there, and you're constantly searching for the right one as if you're trying to find religion? I know I know, it's not nearly the same thing as religion......but there definitely are a lot of eating ideologies out there trying to persuade us in one direction or another!

I love to learn about food and I feel like every way of eating brings with it some "truths" if you will. I've decided I need to take those ideas that resonate with me and just create my own personal style of eating. I don't need to be Vegetarian, Vegan, Primal, Paleo, or any other sort of "-tarian" out there. I think I just need to cook and eat with my own family in mind, and my own belly of course.

My problem is, I tend to get overly focused on grains intertwined with sweeteners. I don't exactly think that those foods are horrible and awful for our bodies, I just don't think we need to make them the centerpiece of every meal every day. We also don't need to make a batch of muffins (waffles, pancakes, cookies, scones....) and eat the whole thing! Just as grains don't need to be our focus, neither does meat. I love meat, don't get me wrong, but I'd love to find ways to eat without it too.

Do you notice one common truth for all food ideologies? Veggies! We can't go wrong in that department! So maybe that's where I need to focus at the moment, and let the rest of my personal eating philosphy settle into a comfortable and healthy routine. Thanks for letting me sort through some of these ideas, it really helps to type out my thoughts and read through them. It gives me more direction. Happy eating to you all!


kryskamp said...

Hey I think that's brilliant, veggies! It's true too, even most diets say you can go crazy with the veggies, so I agree, let's focus there!
I think it's good to take from each style of eating what resonates with you most... balance in all things! Love you!

Jenny said...

I can totally understand where you are coming from with food. It is such a hard balance to figure out. I agree that you can't go wrong with veggies. Even though I don't always want to eat them!