Friday, January 21, 2011

Handmade Holiday: the doll!

I'd like to introduce you all to Jon, G's new little friend! (He named him, and he loves me to spell it out for him on paper so he can see what letters it uses.) This was one of my absolute favorite gifts to make and give ever! And when he was opened on Christmas morning, G yelled out, "It's the doll I always wanted!" E had been wanting an American Girl doll for quite awhile so G kept asking me if he could have an "American Boy Doll." Gotta love it!

So here he is, decked out in his new cashmere sweater (Thanks to Grandma Lynne, what a lucky little doll!) and his backpack. The backpack was a specific request, because of course, every American Boy should have a backpack. He mostly carries magnet letters in it, he's learning his letters too. :)
He was made with instructions from this book, it's awesome! His hair is mohair and his skin cotton and he's stuffed with bamboo. His skin and hair are from this company, they have such nice quality supplies.
Here he is sporting his super cool dinosaur shirt (I cut up one of G's white tshirts to make this, saves so much time hemming!) and jeans. (The jeans are cut up-cycled as well.)
And here's his sweet face. I couldn't help but fall in love with him as he came to life! He was sooooo much fun to make. Kate and I worked together late into the night a few times, and on my own I stitched and stitched and stitched all that crazy hair on. (Here you can see some of his in-progress pictures.) I think he turned out to have such a great personality!
Yesterday we had a friend over for a bit, an older brother of one of E's friends, and I heard G in his room proudly showing off his cool toys. (GI Joes, trains, Ironman....) It made my heart soar to hear him pick up his doll and say, "This is my new doll, my mom made him for me for Christmas!" And about 4 times a day I get asked, "When are you going to knit my doll some socks?"......."Can you please knit my doll a hat?"......."Mom, today can you sew my doll some little underwear?" :) What more can a sewing mama ask for? Gotta love it!


Gilly said...

Holy Hannah that doll is Amazing. Your amazing!

Jenny said...

Wow Megan, what an incredible doll! You are amazing!! You and your family are so talented. That hair must have taken forever! I love it.

jesieo said...

i love it megs! he is really cute, that little boy of yours is pretty lucky to have such a devoted mama!

Crystal HW said...

Heis quite the doll, Megan! Great work!

JWalburger said...

I love the doll. Wow! What a great job! G is a pretty lucky guy to have a great mom like you. Love Ya

kate said...

Oh Megs, he is so cute, really. And sounds like you got the perfect response on Christmas morning. Now THAT is the response I was looking for! One day... one day. :)

Love you!