Sunday, March 28, 2010

our new wheels.......

I've offically declared this the summer of the bikes! We kicked it off with shiny new bikes for the kids, and they are over the moon! So far we've been on trips to Kate's house, the bank, the bakery, and I've lost count on the trips around the block. (In our latest trip around the block we discovered that directly behind us lives a little family of goats, and they have 3 new babys, only days old! How did we not know this before?)

The night we bought the bikes they slept in the house with the kids, in their bedroom, covered in their favorite blankets just in case they got cold!

This was our first trip around the block, at about 9am, the morning after we bought the bikes. Look at that boy go!
Have you ever seen a prouder little boy? He calls it his "motorbike!" And he keeps saying, "this is the best moterbike I ever saw!"

Yesterday we took the training wheels off of E's bike, she's so intent on riding that thing, she loves it so much! I'm sure you'll be seeing more posts about the beloved bikes........

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Ski Canada!!!

Right before we left Canada we had an amazing ski weekend with my parents in Banff! In fact, the day they came to visit us was the day we got the job offer in Utah, so this was sort a celebration/farewell weekend, much enjoyed by all!

The kids did amazingly well, coached by one of the greatest ski instructors of all time! (My dad, of course!)
The weather was spectacular, we couldn't have asked for anything better!
E is a natural, by the end of the day we could hardly get her off the hill. Good thing we moved to Utah, the land of great skiing.
Our condo in Canmore was perfect, especially the outside hot tub after a long day of skiing!
Here's Derick and I standing on the Alberta/BC border, we're each in a different province.
It's like being on top of the world.......
My ski hero, Dad!
What a perfect way to say good-bye to Canada. We miss you!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

random shots from our adventure.........

The kids are loving their new bunk bed! Here they are right after we put it together, of course enjoying some of the "road treats" still!

Here's our truck as we drove out of town that last night. Notice E's face? She was sad, and I admit, I was shedding a few tears as we drove away.
Here are the kids all settled in the truck, Dad got to drive with them for 4 hours straight in there! No stops and limited treats! (I had all the treats in the car with me!)
We have such wonderful friends!! Jenny and Gillian packed the kids each a bag of presents, along with a map circling each town where they got to open one. It was a life-saver!!! Thank you thank you! Here they are with a few of the goods, and believe me, there were serious goods!

Doing this post has made me realize I've hardly taken any pictures at all these last few weeks! I'll try to get some good ones now that this house is beginning to feel a bit like home. Oh, and for those of you who are wondering where we've mysteriously disappeared off to, we're in Spanish Fork. Hopefully I'll have more up soon!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Here we are!

Well, maybe some of you have figured it out, but we've moved! Sorry about the lack of posts and updates, but life was a bit too crazy for me to sit down and blog about it. We've packed up our house way up north and moved it south, to a cute little house that feels we've stepped back in time about 60 years! So here we are in a quaint small town in Utah, and life is good. Derick's loving his job, E's loving her school, and G and I are just trying to unpack and organize all of our piles of STUFF! Isn't it amazing how much stuff we all have? Don't worry, more pictures and fun stuff to come.