Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!

I have a fabulous sister who takes beautiful photos (well, I have two other fabulous sisters as well, one's a super mom with a baby in the NICU and one is an amazing marathon runner!) and she took these of us back in November. I've been waiting for Christmas to share them with everyone.......Have a wonderful holiday week! (There's many more to share another day!)

Saturday, December 18, 2010

around the house.....

Here's a few funky iphone shots of Christmas around my house. We're having lots of fun being festive these days! This morning we had gingerbread waffles with freshly squeezed orange juice. (Bountiful baskets were very bountiful with their oranges this morning, and I already had a box in the pantry from the grocery store......yum!)

Making snowflakes was one of our advent days.....
This is my sweet little Rauchermann from my Grandma and Grandpa's. They lived in Germany years ago and I always loved their german Christmas decorations, especially their pretty!
My nativity......I bought this at a Christmas market in Innsbruck years ago.
And of course you've seen my tree.....
And this is one of the things the elves in my sewing workshop have been making late at night! It's too bad I don't have a little troop of elves to work for me actually, it would save my poor fingers! (I've had a lot of needle mishaps lately.) Lately I've been feeling like I work in a little doll clothes sweatshop, I have assembly line piles of little clothes to make! But actually, I've been loving it. I'm especially in love with a certain little doll who has been coming to life in my hands this week......last night he got his final stitches of hair. I can't wait to share, but I think that will have to wait until after he's been revealed on Christmas morning!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

our tree....

We live in a sweet little old brick house that was built about 60 years ago, and this picture makes me feel like it could have come right out of this house's first Christmas! I'm having lots of fun with my phone camera, but since I don't feel like it takes the greatest, clearest pictures, I mostly use the fun apps. So get ready for lots of funky pictures!

Holiday preparations are in full swing around here. The advent calendar has been wonderful, the kids look forward to it every morning! So far we've had movie night with popcorn, a new book, cutting snowflakes, family game night, homemade hot chocolate for breakfast, sending letters to Santa, and making gingerbread men. Today is homemade playdough day! Today is also stay-home-from-school-sick-day......E has a bit of a cough and sore throat so we're having a quiet herbal tea and soup sipping day.

I can't believe Christmas is next week! I hope you all are finding quiet moments to enjoy the season. I've been loving my evenings of sewing......a little pile of gifts is growing bigger each night! I'm glad my shopping was mostly done by the end of November, this month has been very homey. Lots of homemade gifts and goodies to enjoy! (I'll have some funky camera pictures to share of those too!)

Friday, December 3, 2010


:: Welcome to the world little babe O! Our 32 week nephew is doing AWESOME! He's breathing just fine and drinking mama milk like a champion.....Congrats Jes! ::

With December 1st being an exciting BIRTH day for the family, (happy birthday to you too, Mom!), we've jumped into the whirlwind month of December. I was pretty proud of myself, this advent calendar was up and functional, and only one day late! (We started it yesterday.) I started sewing these little stockings 2 years ago! Last Christmas I finished them but didn't actually get them stitched to anything and didn't have any way to hang them up for display. This year I'm on it! I still need to get a dowel to thread through the top, but the kids love it. Yesterday's stocking was decorate the tree, today is write and mail letters to Santa! So fun! I've planned out the whole month, hopefully I just remember to stick them in each night!

Happy Advent to you all!

(On a sad note.......I've lost my camera! We took it on our little Thanksgiving trip and it never made it home......we're thinking it was stolen out of the backseat of the car since those doors don't always get locked, or left at the hotel and never recovered. So there may be fewer holiday pictures than usual this year, but at least it gives me a good excuse to play with the fun camera apps on my phone! Hopefully if I'm a good girl I'll find one under the tree in a few weeks!)