Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween Highlights.....

As I said before, we had a great weekend of Halloween celebrating! The school had a carnival the weekend before, so we spread the festivities over the entire week. Here the kids are headed down to mainstreet to trick or treat at local businesses. This was Saturday afternoon and it was a huge event! The sidewalks were packed and we only made it down one block and back up again before we headed home. It was fun to see all the costumes, but wall to wall trick-or-treaters was a little much!
This Hermione costume was so much fun to put together. She has the cutest little pleated skirt and v-neck sweater on under her robe (which is a BYU graduation gown I found at the thrift store and hemmed). The Hogwarts crest I printed off the computer, colored in, and then laminated and pinned it to the gown. It held up really well and is going to be a great dress-up robe, the kids love playing Harry Potter!
The pumpkin we carved was huge! It weighed in at 45 lbs! Dad and the kids scraped it out and carved, I was in charge of sorting seeds. (It had a ton of seeds!)
He ended up with a great spooky/goofy face!

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Gilly said...

That is one huge pumpkin! I LOVE E 's costume. Halloween is great.