Saturday, November 6, 2010

bountiful baskets.......

Here's our exciting Bountiful Baskets selection for the week.......Persimmons, apples, asian pears, anjou pears, green beans, black grapes, chard, bananas, potatoes, brussel sprouts, grape tomatoes, and cauliflower! Yum! I had a helper this morning, my newly 8 year old was out of bed early and eager to go and collect our basket. I don't know if it was as exciting as she had hoped, but the food looks great. Now we're off to research persimmons.....I don't even know how to tell when they're ripe! I've never bought them before!


JWalburger said...

I bet you can't wait to see what you will get next week. What a fun project.

jesieo said...

this is definitely worth the money, i can't believe how much variety you get and it gets delivered to your door. i need to find one of these services.

Steph said...

Zach and I bought one at the store for fun one day, and read it needed to be tender to be ripe, so we found a tender one.
When we got home, we cut it up and Zach took a bite and had such a crazy reaction I thought he was being silly. "WATER! I need WATER!!"
Then I tried it and it was the craziest thing! It felt like every ounce of saliva in my mouth was suddenly sucked out of my mouth. When persimmons aren't perfectly ripe, the are an astringent! (We read it online afterwards).
Supposedly they are amazing when ripe, but I sure as heck couldn't tell what was ripe when I got it.
Good luck, love those Bountiful Baskets, wish they had them here.