Sunday, October 3, 2010

conference weekend.....

We had a great General Conference weekend, full of lots of relaxing home time and wonderful messages from our church leaders. I thought I'd share a few glimpses of our time together. We had to have the globe out of course to look up the countries that different speakers mentioned or were from. Then the kids had fun looking up Alaska, Canada, and India and seeing how far away all of our family members are.

I was actually sick with a bit of a cold this weekend, which was really good timing. When else do I have a perfect excuse to lay on the couch in my comfy clothes all day and relax? I got a bit of knitting done....these are Halloween/fall socks for E, I've got to start turning heels if I'm going to get them done this month! And of course what would conference weekend be without bead shapes! That's what we call them around here, those ironable bead designs. My kids love them! I don't necessarily love the way they fall all over the floor and then stick to the bottoms of my feet while I walk through the kitchen, but I love that they love them!
Saturday night I got smart and made Sunday morning breakfast for the kids so my stuffy head, achy body could get some extra sleep in the morning and then just roll out of bed in time to watch the morning session. It worked like a charm and they were so excited to wake up to "I love you muffins!" (That's what G calls them.)
I just have to share what my angel girl drew during one of the Saturday sessions.....this is totally on her own, she just came to show me afterwards! Isn't she adorable! I asked her if I could share it with you, and she just wanted to clarify that she's thankful for so many more things than just what she wrote, she just didn't write them all. I love my sweet girl, I can't believe she'll be 8 in a month......time flies!


jesieo said...

that pictures of em's blessings is one of the sweetest things ever megs. you have to save it for her! i love the socks too, i was picturing the colors completely differently (the actual color is much better than what was in my head!). love you!

JWalburger said...

Thank you for sharing E's testimony with us with her picture. You are such a great mom. Love Ya!!. What are your plans for the weekend? Can't wait to see you soon.

Crystal HW said...

That is so precious, E!!!

I bet those socks will be nice and comfy.