Saturday, September 11, 2010

summer highlights :: The Wedding!

That's my beautiful new sister Tamanna and her two sisters from India and her two best friends. Carter and Tamanna's wedding was so much fun and I've been meaning to share all these great pictures with you! It's always so fun to get together with everyone, I especially loved seeing Teresa, Dad's sister.......
My handsome little man got his very first tie for the wedding, he loves it soooooo much! (and it's so cool, it zips up!)
It was great to have Mom and Dad here for so long, and doesn't Carter looks wonderful?
The two little cousins had matching dresses! (E loved her Indian Princess dress more though!)
Of course it's always wonderful to be together with my sisters!

Congrats you two!!!


Crystal HW said...

I love weddings.

Nice Pics!!

JWalburger said...

The bride and groom look wonderful. Thank you for sharing these wonderful pictures of your family. I love the purple bride maid dresses and I love your dress. You look so pretty!!! I love E dress, tell her how pretty she looks. Love Ya!

Jenny said...

What a good looking couple!! I love her dress. And I really like the bridemaids dresses. Looks like such a great wedding. And Megan you look so beautiful!! I love your new dress.