Saturday, August 28, 2010

summer highlights :: Swimming!

I have two little fish on my hands this year! We started out the summer planning to buy one of those big inflatable pools for our back yard, just for playing in. When we realized how much these kids are loving learning to swim, we decided to just head for the city pool as often as possible, instead of a kiddie pool in our yard. Luckily the pool is on our street, only 5 blocks from our house!
E can now swim the length of the pool on her belly and her back, and she's an expert at back-float! She conquered her fears of jumping into the deep end and doing the water slide by herself, and she's now super confident and excited about swimming.
G can do assisted back and front floats and lots of great kicking and paddling. When he has his floaty noodle, he can go anywhere! He conquered his fear of dunking under the water and now does it so much that he swallows a ton of water. On the last day of swimming lessons the kids all jumped off the diving board. Unfortunately I missed E's class doing it, but G's pictures turned out hilarious!
I love how he's telling the lifeguard to get a little closer, but then he still doesn't want to do it!
The he's left with no choice really, as the helper lifeguard tosses him off into the deep end!!! Way to go! The kids were so proud of themselves afterwards, they told everyone they could jump off the diving board now!


JWalburger said...

Way to go kids!!! I wish I was there to see you both swim. You will have to show me when we meet at the Sand Dunes. Love Ya!! Grandma

kate said...

I can't believe we never made it there with you at all this summer, how ridiculous!! :)