Monday, August 30, 2010

My New Bike!

This is my fun new birthday present, and I'm loving it! I haven't owned a bike since my students days at BYU, so nigh on 13 years now. (Wow, I'm getting old!) The kids have been riding their bikes like crazy and mostly I walk along behind them and they have to wait for me at the corner of the block to cross the street. Sometimes when I'm ambitious I put on my running shoes and keep up, but that's only when it's not 90 degrees out, so that was only before summer hit. But now, I'm as free as a bird, I can finally keep up with my kids! :) (Of course, I have to stop a lot and help G push his bike up hills and lift it over big curbs, but I'm nearly as free as a bird!)

Anyways, I love my bike! It reminds me sooooooo much of my Grandma Vi's old pink Schwinn Hollywood that I grew up riding at the cabin, I feel like I've stepped back in time. Gotta love Schwinn!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

summer highlights :: Swimming!

I have two little fish on my hands this year! We started out the summer planning to buy one of those big inflatable pools for our back yard, just for playing in. When we realized how much these kids are loving learning to swim, we decided to just head for the city pool as often as possible, instead of a kiddie pool in our yard. Luckily the pool is on our street, only 5 blocks from our house!
E can now swim the length of the pool on her belly and her back, and she's an expert at back-float! She conquered her fears of jumping into the deep end and doing the water slide by herself, and she's now super confident and excited about swimming.
G can do assisted back and front floats and lots of great kicking and paddling. When he has his floaty noodle, he can go anywhere! He conquered his fear of dunking under the water and now does it so much that he swallows a ton of water. On the last day of swimming lessons the kids all jumped off the diving board. Unfortunately I missed E's class doing it, but G's pictures turned out hilarious!
I love how he's telling the lifeguard to get a little closer, but then he still doesn't want to do it!
The he's left with no choice really, as the helper lifeguard tosses him off into the deep end!!! Way to go! The kids were so proud of themselves afterwards, they told everyone they could jump off the diving board now!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

summer highlights :: Puzzles!

Since I haven't blogged all summer, I thought I'd share some of our pictures and summer highlights with you. And of course since our life isn't super wild and exciting all the time, some of our favorite times have been at home, doing every day things. One of these favorites has been puzzles. Apparently, G loves puzzles! And because of his enthusiasm for them, E's starting to love them even more than she used to.

She's always telling me....."Mom did you know puzzles make you smarter? I think I'm going to be really smart now!"

Yes sweetie, you're getting smarter every day. Pretty soon you'll be smarter than your mama! ;)

2 0 0 ! ! !

I have no idea where to start to recap this fabulous summer, but after two months taking a blogging hiatus, I figured it was time to get back in here. And crazy enough, this is post number 200 for my blog! Ideally I would have some huge celebration, with prizes and give-aways, but hey, you're just lucky I'm posting anything! ;)

Summer vacation is over, school has started, and life is moving back into comfortable, predictable rhythms. I love the start of school! I was actually disappointed that E's teachers don't want her to supply her own school supplies, I love buying new pencils and crayons and erasers! That's okay, we bought some just for fun.

I've been back and forth on this whole blogging thing, I'm sure you've noticed. Sometimes I think I want to stop blogging all together, but I really love sharing a bit of our lives with all of you. I need to ease up on myself about my perfectionist tendencies, not every post needs to be earth shattering with scores of photos and everything beautifuly edited and inspiring! I want to write this blog for me, so that when I print it someday I'll have a record of our lives and be able to look back and remember. I guess I'm just putting all this out there to give myself permission to let this blog be what it will. Maybe I'll do posts once in awhile without pictures. Maybe just pictures. Maybe a theme will develop, maybe it will be random! I guess we'll see, the important thing is I'll try to come here regularly. Thanks to all of you who still check this blog, even when nothing shows up for months! I love ya'll!

That photo up above is a sneak peek at all the beautiful wedding snapshots we have! My brother Carter was married a couple of weeks ago and we've been celebrating like crazy! Fun times, lots to share........soon. :)