Monday, May 3, 2010

the kiddos.......

Here's a little update on our cute, crazy kids.......E's loving first grade at her new school. Her teacher is about to have a baby girl so it's an exciting thing each day to see if she's still there. She got her haircut at a salon a couple of weeks ago and is quite proud of her grown-up girl look! The new bike is still her favorite companion and she's been riding to school almost every day. I think she feels very independent locking it up at the school with her new combination lock next to all the other bikes. Hers is probably the smallest on there, it's mostly older kids who ride. She's finally mastered the no training wheels and we haven't had a crash for over a week. And seriously, the best work out ever is getting your kids bikes! I put on my sweats and running shoes and pretty much run the whole way to the school and back twice a day now! I can hardly keep up!

We just finished reading The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe and she loved it! Now we're reading a book called Dolphin Music, a novel about a girl who was raised by dolphins. E's looking forward to summer with lots of fun swimming and playing outside, but lately she only wants to be out on the rainy, windy, cold days because her fear of wasps is getting pretty near debilitating. I'm not sure what we're going to do with that problem, if you have any ideas let me know. Luckily we've had a week of rain and snow and cold, and she was thrilled to ride her bike on those days because the wasps wouldn't be around. I'm just hoping it subsides a bit as we're outside more in the sun. We'll see.

And of course, we have the boy!
G loves olives, and would happily eat a whole plate of them for dinner. Notice his plate? Just a plain tortilla that night, and fingers full of olives, I don't even think he ate the tortilla. He's been loving his bike as well, and he gives his mama quite the run on the way downhill from the school each morning! He's mastered the brakes on his bike so I don't have to hold him all the way down the steep hills anymore. He and I are best buds and have fun at home together, although he told me this morning, "Pretty soon I'm growing up to be a big boy mommy!" as he was watching all the "big boys" running around at the school. This Friday is his preschool screening and I'm pretty sure he's going to think he's in school now!

He still loves trains, dinosaurs, legos, marbles, and dirt. Lately he's also into playdough and will play for hours, burying his guys in caves. He also loves to say "I love you Mommy!" and he tells me about 10 times a day (especially when he wants a snack, but that's okay!). He's comfortable enough now in his new primary class that he goes all the way down the hall by himself with big sister, holding onto her hand. This week he even got a little "caught being reverent" sticker (who knows how that happened!) and he was very proud. I think he just likes to do what the big kids do and especially whatever his sister's doing. He'd follow her anywhere!