Saturday, March 20, 2010

Ski Canada!!!

Right before we left Canada we had an amazing ski weekend with my parents in Banff! In fact, the day they came to visit us was the day we got the job offer in Utah, so this was sort a celebration/farewell weekend, much enjoyed by all!

The kids did amazingly well, coached by one of the greatest ski instructors of all time! (My dad, of course!)
The weather was spectacular, we couldn't have asked for anything better!
E is a natural, by the end of the day we could hardly get her off the hill. Good thing we moved to Utah, the land of great skiing.
Our condo in Canmore was perfect, especially the outside hot tub after a long day of skiing!
Here's Derick and I standing on the Alberta/BC border, we're each in a different province.
It's like being on top of the world.......
My ski hero, Dad!
What a perfect way to say good-bye to Canada. We miss you!


Gilly said...

I want to go skiing so bad now!!!

jesieo said...

what a fun adventure, i'm so glad you took & posted pictures. dad looks great and i can't believe how big my niece and nephew are getting, crazy! love you.

Charise said...

It looks like such a fun time...did your mom go skiing as well? I haven't seen a photo of your dad for a while. How is he doing? I guess you're in Spanish Fork. Email me your address and next time we go down to visit family, we'll stop by and say "hi". Talk to you soon.