Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Well, our sweet little E had her first medical emergency this weekend! This is how we spent our Monday......after a fall on a trampoline Sunday night, she woke up with a bit of swelling and still unwilling to move her elbow, so I took her in just to have it looked at. I had no idea it would be broken, and I especially didn't like hearing the doctor tell me it was "pretty bad" and "you'd better get her to the Children's hospital for surgery." Those are the kinds of words that make a mama's heart beat a little crazier!

So I enlisted Derick's support, dropped G off at Jenny's (thanks!), and we headed to the hospital for what was to be the rest of a very long day. Thankfully (!) she didn't need surgery, the pediatric ER doctors decided they could take care of it right there with a bit of sedation and arm manipulation. It turns out she fractured her supracondylar, it's the big bone right above the elbow. They put her to sleep and moved it around to put it back in place, and then cast her up.

The doctors and techs there were soooooo nice! They treated her like a delicate little angel and took good care of her. They gave her this little teddy bear and had her name it and then the orthopedic tech put a real little cast on the bear! E loves playing vet with her animals, so this was the perfect thing to make her feel better in the midst of painful x-rays, horrible hunger waiting for the anesthetic, and multiple IV tries! Not a fun day!

But it was wonderful to come back late at night to a well-taken-care-of sleeping little boy and dinner in our fridge, thanks to two fabulous friends! This has been quite the eventful start to our summer!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Gavin!

Happy Birthday little boy! I had this post ready to go one Wednesday for Gavin's birthday, but the computer was moving soooooooooo slow, I couldn't get it up. Luckily I have a tech-y husband who can always getting it moving again!

We're so happy this little guy's part of our family, he's our whirlwind of energy, so excited about everything he's doing. We've been sort of celebrating all week with a trip to the zoo, a party at home, cake, presents, and yesterday we went to see Monsters vs Aliens! What could be more fun for a three year old boy? :)

Sunday, June 7, 2009

spring in the north country.......

Now I know that we aren't quite as north as some of you, but some days it feels like we're pretty far up there! This was our colourful, blue-sky yard a few days ago. We even had kids running through the sprinkler and popcicles sitting on the grass.
Then this is what we woke up to yesterday, and through out the course of the day we had our share of snow, rain, hail, sleet, and even a bit of sun. Lovely June weather, isn't it? :)