Saturday, May 30, 2009

Apple Blossoms!!!

We are in heaven with our apple blossoms! We have three white blossoming apple trees, and one smaller pink flowering tree, and they're so beautiful right now. Last spring we were in Alaska at this time of year so we missed the spectacular show, but this year we're enjoying every minute of it! Here's our apple blossom princess.....she's adopted this tree, and claimed it as her own and of course says it's the most beautiful of all of them. Underneath it is her "secret garden."

And isn't this just what we all wish we could do, take our afternoon snooze under a blossoming apple tree.......ahhhhh, so idyllic!
And this is another thing I'm loving right now, my Mother's Day present! Might as well make hydration fun and springy!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

owl watching......

We had the priviledge of sneaking up and spying on an owl's nest in the provincial park near our house. This little cutey was hanging out on the branch above his mama's nest and staring down at us all like we were crazy!
I think it might have been one of E's fondest to see an owl's nest, she quite taken with them. Although, I don't know, I asked her what her childhood dreams are and without hesitating she said she wants to see a fairy and become a princess!
Here she is dreaming away down the path.
And of course, here's our other crazy little one, dancing away down the path!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

I love you Mom! Thanks for being the greatest mom ever! This is us at the airport, and I always try and be a grown up when I say good bye to you, but as soon as you drive away and I'm by myself checking in for my plane, I just want to sit down and cry because my Mom isn't with me anymore! Thanks for everything you've done for me over the years, the list is endless! I love you lots!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Women's Conference Reunion!

I think I speak for everyone when I say, a fabulous weekend was had by all!! We gathered from practically all four corners of North America......myself, my sisters Jes and Kate, mom Lynne, cousin Amanda, and aunt Peggie. (Of course, we can't forget little Mckinley, Carter, Jordan, and a brief visit with Rachael!) The BYU Women's Conference was amazing! Nearly 20,000 women invaded campus and it was just like back in the days, I was reminiscing all over the place! The classes were excellent and very inspiring, and so was the company. We spent our evenings just hanging out together and catching up, and of course eating yummy food!
Waiting for a class to start.
Then we took a trip up north and stopped in for some Nielson's frozen custard, one of the top 100 things to eat in America! Yum!
A stop off at the temple (this may have been the only 5 minutes without rain that day!).
Good times in the car! (Pepperidge Farm cookies.......yum!) We had our fair share of rain.......
But as Aunt Pam always said, "Endure the rain, and behold the rainbow!" And what a rainbow it was, the most amazing I'd ever seen! Too big to even fit in the picture! Thanks Pammy!
And many, many memories! I love you all, thanks for the good times!