Sunday, April 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Dad!

Hey Dad, I hope you have an awesome birthday! And I hope no one feels obligated to watch this 8 1/2 minute video, it's probably pretty long and boring if you weren't there or if you aren't part of our crazy family! :) But I thought I'd share for anyone who's interested! Love ya Dad, you're the best!


littlegreen said...

I LOVE it!!!!
next summer, how bout we do it again?

Steph said...

Happy Birthday Bishop Green (if you read this. :) )
I loved the video Meg. So fun to watch and see all of the places where your memories are.
I don't think I fully appreciated how beautiful AK was while I lived there.
Thanks for the video!!

Z Family said...

OH, I enjoyed every second of the 8.28 minutes. Perfect... from the pics to the music!! I have a huge smile on my face. Love it! THanks for sharing.

Ariane said...

Great choice of music and footage, I really miss your whole family! It makes me nastalgic for the time when all the Greens lived together. Cant it ever be that way again? Happy Birthday Uncle Doug!!!

Jenny said...

Megan, you did a great job of putting that together. I really enjoyed watching that!! What a beautiful place Alaska is.

Dawn said...

Wonderful Megs! You are so creative! Miss you!