Monday, February 9, 2009

25 random things about me.......

1. I never fill out these random facts lists, but I’ve been having so much fun reading everyone else’s, I had to join in.
2. I love to read, especially 19th century British Lit, especially Jane Austen……I read obsessively for a few months at a time, and then hardly anything for awhile.
3. I really like to type. (Sometimes I type things with my fingers in the air while people talk. I’m a nerd.)
4. I have 9 violin students right now, including my daughter……
5. I like to watch BBC miniseries, or any good period drama…..the longer the better!
6. My favorite place in the world is my family’s cabin in Alaska.
7. Someday I hope someone invents human teleportation so I can instantly and whenever I like be at my family’s cabin in Alaska.
8. I love learning about nutrition and natural foods. I also therefore enjoy cooking and trying new foods and recipes. (Although I should be making dinner right now instead of writing this list.)
9. Derick and I celebrate our 10 year anniversary this week!
10. I love dark dark chocolate……give me some good 85% cacoa!
11. I go to the gym about twice a week….. I love yoga and pilates but hardly ever get to those classes.
12. I’ve always wanted to be a yoga instructor. (Hmmmm, maybe I should actually start practicing then.)
13. I’d love to travel more, especially to Europe. Someday.
14. I like to sew and knit…..I tend to do these in the same way I read books, obsessively for awhile, and then not at all for awhile.
15. I’ve used cloth diapers on both of my kiddos, and I sewed most of them myself. (Saving the earth one diaper at a time!)
16. I look for split ends in my hair when I’m thinking of something to type.
17. I’ve always loved going to IKEA and now I live five minutes away from one and I never go.
18. My favorite places to go out to eat are Thai and Vietnamese restaurants.
19. I’m a horrible correspondent (except when my sister was in Russia) but I really still love all my friends and family and think about you often!
20. If you want to know what I’m up to you can read my blog, I update about once a week.
21. I’m really frugal and I don’t especially love to shop, unless I can find something for a great deal, that fits me perfectly, and doesn’t shrink when I wash it.
22. When I was little I loved Anne of Green Gables so much I tried to change my name to Anne and told everyone to call me that and even wrote “Anne Shirley” on all my school papers.
23. I’m a wanna-be photographer and wish I was better at it.
24. I’m a wanna-be writer and wish I was better at it. I’ve always wanted to have a book published. (Hmmmm, maybe I should actually write more.)
25. I love to play fiddle tunes!


CrystalHW said...

your hair is sure cute in this pic!

jesieo said...

you look like a model megs, and i love the random facts... you really were the world's greatest correspondent when i was in russia!

jesieo said...

wait a minute there, i have to comment again, i didn't know you had bangs like that, they are way cute. i've always wanted to try that! sorry i did a double take and now you have me commenting twice:)

Dawn said...

Cute Glasses!
Cute Hair!
Cutie Pie!!

Romerils said...

I love your picture - you look so beautiful!! And I really enjoyed reading your list. I thought it was awesome that you wrote Anne Shirley on your papers at school. What a neat story of you wanting to play the violin.

Katelyn said...

love you!

carter green said...

are these your new bangs. im a big fan. i'm working on letting mom and dad let me drive to alaska which means another trip to see you!!!!!