Saturday, January 24, 2009

a glimpse of spring......then cold again

It's been a great week of warm sunshine and melting snow, we've done lots of walking to school and wandering around the back yard. We still have a good foot or two of snow, but it's covered in a hard shell of ice. The kids were loving the little break from winter and E kept asking if it was almost summer!
Our poor snowman didn't fare too well though. Some of you may remember him in his glory days, but alas, no more. I think he shrunk about two feet in height. Poor Snowy.
And if you come to our house and have to walk from the front to the back, watch out! Icey icey icey!

Now that it's frigid cold again, we're doing more of this kind of thing.......Fun!


Gilly said...

Alice and Jackie made forts today too. Though Evie kept wrecking them. I love your pictures.

CrystalHW said...

That fort does look like fun. I have got Sam using the table as her fort now, so I just have to get a big blanket, drape it over, and she is good to go. . . makes for easier cleanup and I can still do stuff in our little space. Glad you were able to enjoy the warmer weather.

Romerils said...

Hee hee - poor snowy. Those pictures are great!

Charise said...

I miss building forts with the kids too, so just this morning I told them this Saturday night they can build a HUGE one and sleep in it that night. They of course want me to sleep in there with them, but I'm already having a hard time sleeping at night, so maybe I'll be a wimp and get out the air mattress! :) Oh, I LOVE the bag your aunt your bag on your blog when you get the pic. Always good to chat with you!

littlegreen said...

ahhh, fun! I LOVE building blanket forts, can't wait til M is big enough to be in to that!