Sunday, September 21, 2008

Little Girl on the Prairie.

E and I just finished reading Little House in the Big Woods and moved on to Little House on the prairie. I think she and I are cut of the same cloth, we both have this fascination with the good old days! (Hmmmmm, maybe I'm rubbing off on my child.) So this weekend we had a little mom and daughter date back in time, to visit life in a prairie settlement.

We were actually at a local heritage park to participate in a Suzuki violin play-in, which was awesome! I don't have any pictures of that because I was playing the whole time, but it was fun to meet some people in the Suzuki scene here in the city. E was able to play quite a few of the book one songs as well. Then we were on our own to explore the park.
We rode the old steam locomotive around the perimeter and decided to get off at the Prairie village. I loved this old house, and a woman was inside dressed in period clothes, telling us about her day. She had been up early to haul water and make soup on her old cast iron stove, and when we were there she was hooking rugs with old woolen scraps. We went to another house where they had just made ice cream in a hand crank machine, and we got to sample.

I love these narrow old staircases. (But they're hard to maneuver carrying two violin cases.)
Does anyone want to give this prairie girl a lift?


jesieo said...

those are some of the cutest pictures of ember ever!!! you are raising the cutest children megs, i'm so jealous, i wish i could come hang out too. i love those "villages" where people pretend to actually live there and explain to you about their day, so fun.

cwalburg said...

So cute!! Glad to see you are enjoying your time in the city. That village looks great! If you ever venture towards BC for a vacation, you should totally stop at Barkerville. It is a quaint old town that was one of my favorite places to visit on a family vacation as a kid.