Thursday, September 11, 2008

Art in the Park.

There's this great provincial park just 5 minutes from our house that hosted a big art festival this weekend called Art in the Park! I told E about a few days earlier and she was counting down the days, so excited to go! She even packed a bag with her little sketch book and markers to do her "art in the park." There were about 30 or 40 artists working right there in the park in whatever medium they used, sculpture, painting, needlepoint, mosiacs, and then some fun booths for kids. And lots of exhibited work as well.
E was making an art trading card that she traded with an artist there for one of her cards, and then all the kids' cards were put in an exhibit at the park visitor centre.
G chasing bubbles, of course.
We were all posing on this cool rock, but apparently G thought my turn was over. Don't you love my cheezy posed grin! :)
This is the gorgeous ranch house in the park, from a real working ranch at the turn of the century. Now it's a fancy schmancy restaurant that I want D to take me to someday! Yum!


jesieo said...

cute pictures megs, i love little ember's enthusiasm for the art world. i was hoping to see a picture of her set up in front of an easel or something. by the way, i think your cheesy, posed photo is gorgeous, you're like a model.

cwalburg said...

Looks like a great time!

Steph said...

That art festival looks like such fun!
Forget eating at that house...I want to live there! :)Beautiful.

Ember looks so cute in her kindergarten pics, man she has long hair! I think Maya will maybe have a bob by then...

littlegreen said...

oh you guys look like so much fun, what a fun time for Ember!!