Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Flourless Chocolate Cake.....Yum!

While we're on the subject of gluten free baking, I just thought I'd share this yummy cake I made while at the cabin in Alaska. So yummy! And not too hard, it's worth trying even if you're not gluten free. In fact, I think everyone should switch to flourless chocolate cakes, they're so delicious! They were my favorite chocolate dessert even before cutting out gluten, so I'm sure you can guess how happy I am that they can stay in my repertoire. Although I'd never made one before, I've felt a bit gutsier in my baking endeavors lately. The recipe is from here, and while you're checking out the link, browse her other recipes......I think I've drooled over almost every single one. I can't wait to try them all out. But there's one I've been saving for a special occasion, and I think my 30th birthday coming up this weekend warrants making the most elaborate cake I've ever attempted. Make sure you grab a little hanky to mop up your drool before you check it out!


jesieo said...

oh, that cake looks so delicious megs. actually both of them look amazing. make sure you give us pictures and updates of the chocolate "birthday" cake this weekend. wish i could come up and celebrate with you...instead i have to head out on a road trip in another direction. love ya!

littlegreen said...

yum..... we want a birthday update!!