Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Well, we've officially attended The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth! (Or so they call it, actually, I think they're referring to the rodeo, which we didn't see.) Anyways, this was our fun-filled day at the Stampede last week, the kids loved it! There was so much to see and do! We rode the train to avoid the crazy parking downtown, and we went early in the morning on Kids Day to get in free. By 2 o'clock the kids were worn out so we packed ourselves back into the standing-room-only train car and headed home. It's so fun to be out and exploring this neverending city!


jesieo said...

beautiful pictures megs, you're a natural photographer! it looks sunny and fun.

cwalburger said...

I bet they really enjoyed themselves. I think that is one thing on our list to do next summer. Maybe we will have to make a weekend or week thign of it so we can fit al the stuff to do in Calgary in. Oh, and your photo skills have definetly improved. Loved the shots!!