Friday, July 4, 2008

Holiday Week.....

Here's our busy week in review, sorry to those of you whose emails I've missed, we've been off havin' a good time! First....Canada Day at the farm, and Grandma's big birthday bash! Lots of good food and fun and cousins!
This was my view for awhile, atop Ernie the horse.
Then we were off to the Royal Tyrell Museum of Dinosaurs! The largest in the world!

Hope you've all had a great week as well, Happy Fourth of July!


cwalburger said...

I love the one of Gavin pointing off into the distance. Glad to see you enjoyed a week of vacation time.

Steph said...

What fun! I was also going to mention that cute picture of Gavin. I liked your horse picture too. :)
Zach would totally dig the dino museum. I bet Ember had lots of fun. Is she still into dinosaurs or has she moved onto a new passion?