Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Gavin!

Two years ago today we welcomed this tiny, sweet little boy into the world. I should have known then that he was a bundle of energy because he popped out after only two hours of labour, just excited to be here!

Today's he's still full of fun and adventure! I looked through my pictures trying to find a good close up of him, but most of the shots are blurry and on the go!
This was about the best I could find, him running towards me! Thanks for coming to our family little guy! We love you!


Z Family said...

HAppy Birthday Gavin!! I think it is so special that he and ELlie share the same birthday.... Hope it was a good one :)

cwalburger said...

2 Already! Wow, how time flies!! I bet he had such a blast up in Alaska. Hope to chat with you soon. I look forward to seeing pics from the trip.

littlegreen said...

he's grown so much, it's kind of crazy!! Love that kid, miss you guys!