Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Violin Girl.......

I found my camera cord, it wasn't at the farm at all! (Can you tell my house is a little topsy turvy these days?) Here's the little violinist! She just looked so calm and focused, even with the little glitch at the start. Enjoy!



littlegreen said...

that just made me cry. she is so cute megs, what a talented little girl. And I am so surprised she kept it together so well when she messed up. Do you teach your students to just wait and start over when they mess up? She is adorable! Can't wait to see you in just a few weeks ember!!

cwalburger said...

Aww, that is just too cute! I too cried. She has come such a long way, in playing and keeping calm. It is great to see the improvement from such hard work on both your parts (yours in patience, hers in playing).

Anonymous said...

SO sweet!
Sorry we missed her - it was too early for us far aways to get there on time!
We got to our classes & the kids did well - but we didn't get time to socialize ( as you may have noticed....)


Steph said...

What a great recital! Tell Emberly we think she plays wonderfully! I am also impressed with the starting over and not getting upset.
She is great with bowing. My little violinists seem to have a problem using all of their bow. I would love some tips from you, and those book recommendations when you have a minute. :) I sent you an email, but I think I used your old address.
Super cute!

Z Family said...

That was precious!! What an accomplished little lady and her bow was adorable. WHat a proud momma you must be!

Steph said...

Me again.
Tell Ember she is famous here in Utah. We watched her performance for our group violin lessons and everyone was VERY impressed. We all clapped for her and watched it five times. They couldn't get enough!