Monday, March 17, 2008

I survived!

Well, here I am in all my post-Moonlight Run glory! (Sorry for the weird night lighting.) I was very proud of myself, I came in at 45:08, and my time last year was 51:25 (it's a 6K). This year I placed 388 out of 1008 women, and last year I placed 678 out of 1081 women! I realize I'm not a superstar runner or anything, but I did my best and I have the sore quads to prove it!

And here's my race-day breakfast! Yum, it was just so beautiful it had to be photographed! (The muffins in the lower right corner are gluten-free. I didn't eat the other ones.)


littlegreen said...

owww, mama!! you look good megs!! Seriously, you look amazing!! Congrats on the run, you are my hero! And that breakfast looks truly divine, love you!

Steph said...

Great job Meg!
You are awesome. Also great on improving your time!

Emily said...

Great job! That is quite an improvement in a year- and you did great then! You are looking amazing.

I'm glad you are reading Austenland! I was going to bring you by my library copy- it's cute, huh?

And if you click on the chicken teriyaki recipe on my blog it will take you to the recipe I used. It was really good, try it!