Friday, February 29, 2008


Does anyone else feel like we've been given an extra day? Isn't it great! I'd like to say I'm doing all kinds of productive things with my extra day, but so far, not so much. Instead, I'm just being grateful for so many awesome family, a good job, a comfy home, yummy food to eat, and all that great stuff.

Along these lines, we found a place to live starting in May and we're so excited. 3 bedrooms, a huge yard with apple trees, double garage, big basement for running kids, fireplace, dishwasher, and close to friends and family! Yay!

Enjoy your extra day and don't forget to leap for joy, even if your little boy is scribbling on the wall with pencil. (Which is where I just found mine!)


cwalburger said...

FUn post. Glad to see you are enjoying life right now.

littlegreen said...

okay, megs... you are getting AWESOME with that camera! I love this shot! you are so creative!
love you! we were grateful for the extra day as well down here... and for the third paycheck in the month of february... all nice things!