Thursday, January 10, 2008

Photographing a Toddler: a study

I love how I caught that last one mid fall! Sorry about the huge amount of photos in this post. I intended to capture one beautifully composed and super cute shot of Gavin playing outside this morning, but when I got looking at all the pictures, none of them were great, but all of them together totally expressed his busy little personality. So if anyone out there has a great idea for photographing toddlers on the move, let me know!
And then we came inside to frothy homemade hot chocolate! And don't you love the little tile trivet! One of my violin students made it for me for Christmas, it makes my drinks extra yummy!


littlegreen said...

oh he's walkin' around!? When I was there last he was starting, but not fully walking around yet, love the photos... and I love that they're more just of him being him rather than "the perfect" shot... and yum, now I'm goin' to go make some cocoa, thanks for the inspiration!

cwalburger said...

Too cute! I have to say that when it comes to photographing toddlers, we have found that sometimes putting the camera on sports mode, adn takign a bunch of shots in a row, we can end up with a cute one. It also takes practice in timeing as well. They are definetly cute, though.