Tuesday, January 22, 2008

my muse.......

My little violinist just finished a big long 8 week practice chart and so today was the big prize day. She chose a little Tinkerbell fairy doll and told me that she was going to put her with her mermaid and her other fairy in the corner of her room where she plays. Then she told me that wasn't really just a corner of her room, it was her magical corner, where everything magical happened!

Anyways, I just have to say I'm so proud of her. She's learning Song of the Wind, and she focuses so hard on getting her little third finger to hop independently from the A string to the E string. It just makes a mama's heart sing!


Katelyn said...

Way to go Ember! I love you !!

cwalburger said...

She is so determined when she wants to be. I am sure the song will sound beautiful. I look forward to maybe hearing her when I come to Lethbridge next.

Steph said...

She looks so cute with her violin!
I want to start Zach soon, he got a violin for Christmas. I've read a couple of Suzuki primer type books, but need a little help from you since I've never did Suzuki as a tiny kid!
I've gathered that you don't talk about reading music yet...but do you teach them string names and such?
I should probably just email you since this comment is a million miles long. :)