Thursday, January 17, 2008

Magical Mail Day!

The long awaited mail day has finally arrived! Emberly’s doll was delivered this morning as we were getting ready to go ice skating with her Kindergarten class. This is what she had decided to buy with her Christmas money from Grandma Vi and Grandpa Gordon. (Thanks to both of you, she's in heaven!) She was so excited, we opened the big box immediately, but had to wait until this afternoon to open the smaller packaging. As I walked out of the room just now, I heard her whispering between her two dolls saying, "Isn’t it magical that you’re a fairy and I’m a mermaid!" I foresee many magical adventures together!


littlegreen said...

are those mini dolphins under the doll's arms?? what a lucky little girl, they are quite amazing dolls!!

cwalburger said...

Too cute! I bet she thougth, if not talked about it all thru skating. She is proabably the happiest girl in the world right now.