Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Iced In!

We live in a cute little fifty year old house and on days like today I can really tell! It's just so drafty and cold in certain parts of the house, and the windows ice up like crazy. I have to admit, I love how cozy it looks, but just looking at it makes me feel cold!


cwalburger said...

WOW, that makes me feel cold too! Have you thought about putting plastic on the windows? We found it made a huge difference. We could feel the draft from our patio doors, and they iced over like that too. Now, no more drafts and our house is warmer.

littlegreen said...

cozy? or cold? brr... Our office windows were covered in snow yesterday, and I mean covered... cause it was snowing and soooo windy! wish I could come over for hot chocolate, I think tonight I am going to bust out my herbal chai tea drink, yummmm... did you ever figure out how to do that from scratch?