Monday, January 7, 2008

Happy Three Kings Day!

This is how we celebrated! Emberly was so surprised to find that her shoe was filled with an orange and some chocolate, and then this lovely little house was standing next to it. When I was a kid we celebrated Three Kings Day every year, but it's new to our little family, so it was an exciting morning. Gavin was just interested in the chocolate.

This little house came as a DIY project for Ember and mom, we decided to make it into a little fairy house. Two little woodland fairies came with it, but Ember is hoping that once it's decorated, the real fairies will visit at night and sleep in little beds she's planning on making.
And of course we celebrated with yummy chocolate chip cookies!


cwalburger said...

I have to admit that sounds like a lot of fun. I have never heard of THree Kings day before. Is it to celebrate when the Three kings made it to visit Jesus? Glad to see Emberly had fun making the house with you.

littlegreen said...

I love the little doll house, that is quite a bit larger than I imagined when you explained it... and I zoomed in and saw your little dolls, soooo cute!! Love you guys!