Thursday, January 31, 2008


Thanks all for the complimentary hair comments in the glasses post! I thought I had mentioned my haircut but I guess I hadn't filled all of you in on it. So to show you my new fun haircut, I'm sharing this goofy picture! Now you can see my new camera and my new hair, and of course my bathroom and my armpit and my cute and goofy husband! (This is totally not staged, just Derick playing with the camera while I was trying to get ready!)


littlegreen said...

cute camera, cute husband, and geez you have a cute armpit!! okay, actually I am dying at the look on your face vs. the look on Derick's face!! haha, makin' me smile... thanks!
Nice camera!

cwalburger said...

Is this the picture Derick was telling you to crop? I think it looks great! We are so excited for Saturday now. You just added a highlight to our lethbridge trip. See you then!!

Steph said...

Your hair does look cute. I think the picture is funny. Derick looks like a little kid pulling a trick. :)

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