Sunday, January 6, 2008

The Great Apron Exchange 2007!

First of all, I just have to compliment my amazing family on being so wonderfully creative and talented! This apron exchange included seven of us from Alaska to Arizona to Alberta to Wisconsin to Utah. Emberly drew the names for who would send to whom, assignments were given, and then the creativity began. I'm so honoured to belong to a family of such talented and artistic women! Thank you all for the fun!

Here is the beautiful Grandma Vi with her gorgeous apron from Teresa. Grandma, you look really great, you make me want to put on some red lipstick, red nail polish, and red shoes and go out on the town!
Here is Teresa standing in her eclectic artistic kitchen that makes you feel like you just walked into an antique store! And of course the stunning reversable apron that Katie made her looks right at home, and those chicken pot pies are making me hungry!

Here is Katie modelling a beautiful apron made by Mom! And talk about hungry, I see she preparing a Christmas feast we're all jealous about! If you'd like to drool over it a little more you can read about it here. Yum!
And of course, we can't leave Emberly out of the family fun! Luckily Grandma Lynne always makes sure everyone's included and she sent Ember this adorable little apron with little Grandmas all over the fabric. And my beautiful personalized apron from Grandma Vi (and I hear Grandpa was involved as well) makes me homesick for Kenai Lake every time I look at it! It's embelished with buttons and pictures from my favorite place in the world! Thanks Grandma, I love it!

Coming soon.......the rest of our apron models will be joining us shortly!


Jordan said...

Wow, the aprons are awesome. I also noticed that your kids are growing at an insane rate. We need to come visit you before they get too big.

Pam Z said...

what a fun thing to exchange among family! thanks for sharing the pictures for the rest of us "lookie-looers". such creativity and originality - hooray for your project! love