Friday, January 18, 2008

The Great Apron Exchange 2007 - Part II

The final apron unveiling has arrived! One again, thanks everyone for participating in the Great Apron Exchange, I hope you've all been whipping up extra gourmet meals in your dazzling new aprons.

First off we have the adorable Jesie, modelling her stunning apron made by Peggie in her matching red and white kitchen. It looks great, but of course everything looks great on Jes. And check out her Kitchen-aid in the background! (I'm a little jealous!) (And just so you all know, I'm definitely a background snooper in your pictures, I love to see everything in your houses!)
Next is the beautiful Peggie, sporting an awesome made by Jesie apron. I love the ribbon trim on the edges! And I also love the red walls! (Actually, I think our next exchange should just be pictures of our kitchens, because I'm really enjoying seeing everyone's kitchens and imagining all the delicious foods you cook!)
And of course, my lovely mother! She is posing for us in a beautiful apron made by yours truly, and I think it looks great on her. It's so fun to sew something for someone, and then finally see them wearing it in their own home, it's like a part of me flew through the mail to be there with her! Love you mom!
And last but certainly not least, Dad! Also sporting the quilted apron. I just loved this picture too much not to share! I have to say, he can hold his own in the kitchen and I'm envisioning plenty of crepe mornings and mexican fiesta nights in his future, certain to be enhanced by this lovely apron!


cwalburger said...

Too fun! I think that the Apron exchange was a wonderful idea and a big hit. I may not have been part of it, but it is fun to see them all. Great job you all!!

cwalburger said...

Speaking of Kitchens. . . did you hear that Mom and Dad bought a new fridge? Rob is helping to bring it in the house when we get there tonight.

littlegreen said...

I just cried. I especially love those pictures of dad and mom... made me homesick and missing family...
love all the aprons!!! and I agree, I love looking at people's kitchens, although mine horribly boring(&messy!).
love you guys!

Steph said...

How fun to see everyone! When is Jesie going to start her blog? :)

It is also fun to see your Alaska house and your mom and dad, I have so many wonderful memories there!