Sunday, September 30, 2007

Camera Happy!

I think these pictures capture Gavin's personality perfectly! He loves to have his picture taken and then check out the image on the little screen. This particular evening he actually brought the camera to me and then started dancing around! That's our free spirit!

Friday, September 28, 2007

School Pictures........

Last week was picture day and Emberly's class took a special field trip on a school bus to a professional portrait studio. She was thrilled, and though I haven't seen the pictures yet, I have high hopes for them. Of course she looked cute as always, and here she is practicing her smile with her doll, who is of course wearing her matching blue dress. I made the dress out of a blue t-shirt of mine that I didn't particularly like, but it's great as a doll dress. Two days ago I was wearing a favorite shirt of mine that happens to be pink, and Ember came up to me and said, "I think my doll wants a pink dress now." I told her I didn't have any pink fabric, and she pointed to my shirt and said, "Well, how about that shirt?" So hopefully I don't find her some days with a favorite piece of clothing and some scissors. (Although I can't imagine Emberly ever doing that! She's always such a conscientious little girl!)

mmmmmm, Baking!

The cold weather is creeping in and with it comes an urge to bake! Yum! With Jesie, Nate and Sam visiting this last weekend, of course the occasion called for yummy soup, bread, and Derick's grandmother's famous apple pie recipe! ( I tried photographing the soup but it looks less than appetizing!) So enjoy this little peek into my warm autumn kitchen.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

For the love of a doll.......

I've been wanting to blog about our new little doll for awhile, I just haven't gotten to it. Last year I cut the fabric out for a waldorf doll for Emberly and she spent about two weeks asking me when I was going to sew her doll. Of course I never did and it became a forgotten UFO on the back of my shelf. As the end of the summer drew near I decided to try and get the doll made before Ember started Kindergarten as a special little gift. I was going to do it as a surprise, but it was too hard to only sew at night, and I'm so glad I was able to involve Ember in the whole process. She was so excited! Every day she would ask me what part of her doll was done. When it was just the head, she carried it around all day, the next day it was a naked body with a head but no hair or face! She loved it already, she even made a little bed for it and it slept next to her each night. It took me about 4 days to make her wig and then one night while Emberly was sleeping I sewed on her hair and finished her face and tucked her back into bed. She was elated in the morning!

I think this little doll came alive in those couple of weeks. Being a perfectionist with my sewing, there are a lot of little details about her that I don't especially like, but honestly, that's what makes her! She's like a little kid that just seemed to develop her own personality as each new part came together. Her wild hair, her uneven eyes, the stain on her back that just wouldn't come out.......they all make her a little more real.

Anyways, here she is, the night she was finished..........

And of course a girl with her doll........

She finally got a little dress and some underwear last week, but I'll have to post pictures of that later. Her dress was finished just in time for Emberly's first day of show-and-tell, and let me tell you, it makes a mama proud when her Kindergartener wants to take her special mama-made doll to show her class! And just in case you're wondering, I'm not sure what her name is. It's changed a number of times, last I heard it was Sara. But before that we had Laura, Laura-Lily, Elizabeth, Emily, Emily-Elizabeth, and Pocahontas. So you'll have to ask Ember yourself. :)

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Leavitt Country Fair.......

Last night we crashed the Leavitt Country Fair with Derick's parents and grandparents, so fun! There were yummy eats, homemade jams, jellies, and breads to buy, face painting, a quilt raffle, crafts, and lots of games and races. It was good Friday night fun with perfect fall weather and great friends. The only sad thing is that just now while I was uploading the pictures from my camera to the computer, I accidently deleted all the pictures off my camera before they made it to the computer, except for one. So this is Derick and Gavin enjoying the races at the fair!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Harvest Bounty.....

This post is to show my meager attempt at preserving yummy local food for the winter. It's not much, but I'm still proud! And it's a good thing my family doesn't have to count on this to survive!

These carrots are from a local Hutterite colony, and I pickled them using D's grandmother's recipe. We have no idea if they're tastey, we have to wait a few more weeks until they're ready, but they sure look pretty in my pantry!

These strawberries we picked ourselves at the farm of one of my students. They're the most delicious strawberries in the world! Even G and E joined in the picking, well, G mostly taste tested for us in the field!

And here's my little kitchen helper, he's usually attached to my leg!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

My birthday bags....

My sis Kate gave me these great bags for my birthday as a DIY project, which was awesome! She meant to make them up for me but her beloved machine broke, so I got them in their cut out and pinned together state. It was better than she could have known because I loved sewing them up and as I'd been in sort of a sewing rut recently, they gave me the jumpstart I needed and I've been sewing ever since! Thanks Kates! I'll also add, they're the handiest bags ever, I think I've used one of them pretty much every day since I finished them!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

A fun weekend! I'm back from just what I needed, some time out My friend Kristi and I had so much fun just driving and chatting, and the speakers were wonderful, so inspiring! There's nothing like coming back to a house-full of a family who missed you, feeling better equipped to be a mom. Athough Derick says they were totally fine without me, my adorable little Gavin was so happy to see me he just came running when I walked in the door! And even Ember was pretty snuggly with me on the couch all evening. Ah, so good to be a mom! :)

Friday, September 7, 2007

First Day of Kindergarten!

Where have the years gone? I had one excited little girl here this morning, she was up at about 6am, got dressed, and then went back to bed. When I woke her up at 7:30 she jumped out of bed fully dressed and said, "Don't forget Mom, you said you'd make me hot chocolate with marshmallows!"

Her teacher is Miss Pati and I think it's going to be an awesome year! Join us for the fun and excitement as I attempt to blog a little more regularly!