Friday, November 2, 2007


Here we are heading out, the ballerina and the dinosaur! I just had to include all these pictures of Gavin because he refuses to take a normal standing pictures, mostly I just have blurry shots of him running by or charging shots of him trying to attack the camera. I guess that's fitting for a dinosaur!


Anonymous said...

Great Halloween pictures........thanks for keeping us up-to-date!!!!

Grandma Lynne

Katelyn said...

you guys look cute! Happy Halloween!

littlegreen said...

thought you might like to know my site is up and runnin' again, well, at least my blog is.. the rest of the site is still broken, Jordo said he would fix it tonight though, so cross your fingers!!
love ya!

Z Family said...

How fun!! Love the costumes esp. the dino. Very creative.