Tuesday, September 11, 2007

My birthday bags....

My sis Kate gave me these great bags for my birthday as a DIY project, which was awesome! She meant to make them up for me but her beloved machine broke, so I got them in their cut out and pinned together state. It was better than she could have known because I loved sewing them up and as I'd been in sort of a sewing rut recently, they gave me the jumpstart I needed and I've been sewing ever since! Thanks Kates! I'll also add, they're the handiest bags ever, I think I've used one of them pretty much every day since I finished them!

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littlegreen said...

hey megs!! cute bags! ;) I haven't quite got my second one made up yet though... my machine isn't up and running yet, we will see... but I have been doing some scrappin', which has been fun. I am going to use my budget this month to get some plastic drawers to organize all my scrapbookin junk in... I totally think it will help me best utilize everything more!
love you!